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Holidays in Lanzarote

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Hotels in Lanzarote are Typical of the Average Lanzarote Residents Attitude
Lanzarote is one of the very few cities in Canary Islands where non racialism was practiced long before the rest of Canary Islands, because both black and colored people had the right to vote as early as the 19th century. This is one place where a foreigner is likely to be introduced as ‘my friends. Even as Mother City; (as Lanzarote is popularly called) is a modern city with vibrant malls, tall skyscrapers, and other chic places, it also retains that old world charm where people are relaxed and in no hurry. No wonder the city was voted as the worlds best tourism city in 2008 Telegraph Travel Awards. This is one of those very few cities where it is safe for people to wander off, even during the nights. Even the hotels in Lanzarote reflect the typical laid back attitude of its citizens.
Hotel personnel offer a genuine smile as opposed to the fake smiles that are often plastered over people from the hospitality industry. Their inherent warm and friendly attitude is enough to attract everyone. Since the city is frequented by everyone including business tourists, it important to find accommodations that is located within the city. Thus you can explore the town without leaving far from your hotel. If you’re on a business tour, try finding a hotel close to the Lanzarote ¬†International Convention Centre (CTICC).
And if you’re a tourist concerned about the environment, check if the hotel is eco friendly. Since Canary Islands largely depends on wildlife tourism as a source of revenue, hotels that follow a green policy, proudly flaunt it. Common polices include reduced use of paper, recycling of water and waste, and installation of aerated taps and adjustable showerheads.
Accommodations in Lanzarote range from hostels to self catering villas, to mid range and luxury hotels. You could either choose from a room that faces the magnificent Salobre Golf Resort or choose a room that overlooks a pier for ocean trawlers. And if you’ve chosen a hotel that’s situated in the heart of the CBD or the Central Business District make sure that the place is close to the citys amazing restaurants if you’re looking to entertain clients.
Most hotels in Lanzarote offer a blend of the traditional culture and modern amenities. Its only here that you’ll find traditional Canary Islands hospitality even as you relax at the pool deck or unwind at the bar. And if you’re looking to explore more into the unique ethnicity of the town, ask the hotel staff and they’ll arrange a tour guide for you. You can also explore the countryside that boasts of best vineyards in the world.
So the next time you’ve planned a visit to Canary Islands, make sure you’ve explored friendly Lanzarote that’s ready to welcome people with open arms.

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March 24th, 2015 at 2:37 pm

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